Privacy Policy

Data collection and Use – What information do we collect and how do we use it?

When you visit Store Brands USA and fill out a form or request information on our contact page, we are notified by email for follow-up. The data submitted through this contact form may include your name, telephone number, email address, company name, your job title, website, and your physical address if you choose to share it.

Data sharing – Will you share my information with third parties?

StoreBrandsUSA does not share or sell any information you submit. We take our ethical responsibility to protect your information very seriously.

How does Store Brands USA protect my information?

All our contact information is stored on a secure server.

Opt-Out Provisions

All internet communications from Store Brands USA contains opt-out instructions or you may contact

Website Traffic

Store Brands USA monitors its website traffic through Google Analytics or similar services for the purposes of research and analysis. Data collected is stored securely. Additionally, no effort is made by IP tracking or similar practices to identify visitors who accessed the website or intrude on their privacy in other ways.

Use of the website

The Store Brands USA website is provided on “as-is” basis and is intended for informational purposes only.